Simply Entertaining

There is nothing in life like the childhood memories most of us have of holiday dinners, summer picnics by the water and all of those other experiences that combine food, family and friends. The waft of the scent of grilled meat as one passes a food truck, invokes a time when laughter accompanied by a game of touch football as an extended family gathers for their yearly family get together is such a memorable experience that a smile appears. These are the thoughts and feelings Simply Ardynn hopes to provide it’s readers.

The simplest of intentions often creates the most complex sets of experiences and memories.

Over the years, we have attended some of the most amazing ‘A List” events and parties across this wonderful country of ours. It’s amazing what one learns from others when one pays attention. We have also hosted events for Titans of Industry, Politicians and the Average American. With over 350 events and parties under my belt , I think I know a little about what it takes to host a successful, memorable event.

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Trends in entertaining change on a daily basis. But your personal likes tend to evolve over time and retain their base elements. With Simply Entertaining we want you to love every event and get together you host and feel comfortable that it represents you in the best possible way.

Simply Entertaining is your one stop shop for advice, ideas and current trends when it comes to entertaining. Every time you gather with friends and/or family, we want you to have a memorable food experience .

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