Simply Kids

One of the best parts about being a parent is seeing that sense of wonderment come across your child’s face when they learn something new or accomplish a task for the first time.  This tends happen less frequently as they get older. With the exception of making something from scratch in the kitchen.  You see the look of pride in their eyes as they sit down to eat what they have prepared with their own hands.  Also a great way to get kids interested in vegetables.

Tip:  If you take the kids to the grocery store with you and let them touch and smell the various vegetables and then choose which ones they would like to try, you will see them more willing to eat what they picked themselves.

Simply Kids kids learn to cook from other kids.  Everything from basic kitchen tips to cooking a full meal, your kids will fall in love with food like never before.  Let their imagines run wild and help them develop the talents they will need later in life.  Who knows maybe the next Top Chef is your your family.

So stay tuned for our video series hosted by A.J. M. Arzon and Avril Arzon and a host of articles and food experiences for the entire family.

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