Company Bio’s


“Simply Ardynn is so much more than another food/lifestyle brand.  It is more than another family owned company.  Simply Ardynn is our family, working together and placing value on each others time, acknowledging each members strengths and finding a way to put those strengths to good use.  Its a way for Walter and I, as parents, to spend as much time with our kids as possible….and it was all their idea.  They asked if they could be a part of this amazing adventure, who could say no to working with your own kids.  We are the luckiest fathers in the world” – Michael Harris-Arzon

Apr 15, 2016, 44830 AM


Michael D. Harris-Arzon

President and Publisher at Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing.  The Simplistic Professional. Publisher, Author, Professional Event Planner, Urban Chef, Branding Expert, Real Estate and Finance Expert, Real Estate Industry Icon, Father

Walter D. Arzon

SVP of Sales at Ardynn Media Group.  Over 20 years of Sales and Corporate Experience.  Real Estate and Brand expert.  Master Gardener, Foodie, Father and Husband.

Onyx Arzon

Junior Designer for the Ardynn Media Group.  Developing a line of Table Jewelry, linens and other household accessories that will be available via the House of Ardynn when it launches Spring 2019.  Graphic Design and Junior Food Stylist for Simply Ardynn.

A. J. M. Arzon (Anthony Arzon)

Host of Simply Kids. Dream is to be a YouTube Celebrity, while sharing his love of robotics, engineering and educating other kids.

Avril Arzon

Simply Ardynn’s youngest “Little Chef”, Co-Host Simply Kids.  Gardening, reading and hanging with the family are her favorite pastimes.

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