Our Story

Simply Ardynn has been years in the making. Coming from the most humble of beginnings where food meant comfort… through the rise of my professional and social lives, my passion for cooking and food has long been a huge part of my life.

My love affair with cooking and creating food experiences started when I was very young. My mother was a professional cook (they didn’t call women chefs in those days) all through my childhood and she used cooking as a way for us to spend quality time together. I will never forget how she didn’t just let me help bake that first cake, but had me do every step as she simply told me what to do. And when I got upset about getting egg shells in the batter, she laughed that memorable laugh that told me it was alright and anything can be fixed. I learned that day that mistakes will happen in the kitchen and the important thing to remember is the experience that came with the process.

While I have focused on business and ensuring that money was the objective basis for my entire career, knowing that no matter how hard my day may have been, I would soon be in the kitchen and the relaxing, comforting smells of a meal being prepared.

When I made the decision 10 years ago to start my own consulting firm and position myself and the Ardynn Media Group as leading experts in brand creation and management, I was so very fortunate that my husband not only supported my decision, but was willing to work with me. It was at this point that I started to combine my business expertise with my passion for food and the experiences they create by hosting elaborate dinner parties and events for potential clients and peers.

Now that our family has grown by three and the kids are no longer toddlers, they have joined in the support of my passion for cooking and the experiences we have surrounding food. It started a couple of years ago when the kids not only wanted to help cook, but encouraged me to write a cookbook so that when they were older, would have all of the fabulous recipes they have come to love.

After our eldest son, gave us such a bad health scare last year, I realized that every moment I spent with the family was extremely precious and the second I went back to work full time I would do whatever it took to make that happen. Since the kids couldn’t really help with the current business model, because it surrounded the space of Brand Managment, PR and Advertising, I knew I should ask them what they would like to help with when it came to the family business.

Anthony was the one to speak up at this point and mention he would like to host a cooking show for kids and have his own YouTube channel. Enough said. The girls both wanted to test recipes and help decide what would be featured. The kids helped me in various ways in the coming months…. like when ever we had a party, picnic or holiday meal, I was reminded of the change in industry expertise and knew it be an exciting adventure moving into the Lifestyle and Food Space. Thus the idea of Simply Ardynn was born.

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