How Entertaining, Lifestyle and Food Becomes Variable With Changes In Our Lives

Simply Ardynn announces the addition of super medically healthy recipes and ideas for those suffering from heat, lung and auto immune disorders.  We will also provide tips and exercises that can help when standing for long period is no longer an option when it comes to cooking.  So stay tuned for our new Simply Healthy Section that debuted this week.

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Life itself is a challenge that can not be ignored.  Most of us, take this and that for granted and put off things that we can do today.  Life is to be cherished and  we all need to remember that there may not be a tomorrow.  So, find a way to do the things on your bucket list now and stop assuming that there will be time in the future.

Over the past year, Simply Ardynn has become the highlight of my career.  I have never been so proud or excited about a brand and its underlying product.  Has it been challenging, yes.  Have we had a few delays since our soft launch in August, yes, but never have I written so much original content or spent so much time on graphic designs and website layouts/mapping.  We live and learn.

Cooking full time and creating 100% original recipes is much more than simply throwing ingredients together.  I spend a certain percentage of my day planning and researching, then it’s off to the test kitchen and finally the creation of the written recipe…associated story….finished dish imagery.  Then, we have the business side of things…. where the deadlines live, marketing, finances and future planning need to be done. I have so much  more respect for those chefs that get down to the nitty gritty and are involved with every aspect of their brands.  Not that I didn’t realize before how challenging it can be to be a chef, but the reality of the world has set in.

Then in the blink of an eye, EVERYTHING has changed.  It has been about a month since I wrote anything and have lost tens of thousands of followers and readers.  Not by choice mind you, but one day I felt perfectly fine and with in a few hours my entire life changed.    Like many professionals that are workaholics, I love to work and being only 46 figured I have a few decades left for building our family business to a point that my family would never need to worry about money and the business would take care of them for generations to come.

A few weeks I ago, I was on my way into Orlando and while driving I started to shake and get this tremendous pain in my chest and left arm.  I immediately turned around and went straight to the hospital (that luckily was a few minutes away.)  I knew I was having a heart attack, or something equally serious, and have never been so scared.  I mean, I had my youngest daughter Avril in the car with me and I just prayed I wouldn’t have an accident.

I knew my assumptions were correct when I walked in to a crowded waiting room, and before I could even reach the registration kiosk, a nurse has me in a well chair and bypassed the 45+ other people in the room, all because of how I walked and the look on my face is what she told me later when I asked why she took me immediately back into a room in the ER and bypassed check-in.

I have never had so many wires and tubes connected to me as they tested for everything under the sun, because thy couldn’t figure out the problem.  After about a half hour they had me admitted and into a room.  I know it may seem as if I am being a little too transparent, but I have built an entire reputation on my high level of expertise, trust and transparency.

To make a long story short, after 10 days I was finally released to come home and I had become a completely different person (literally overnight), as to what I am now able to do physically.  Being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sere Lung and Heart issues all once is like a perfect storm attacking my body…and it changed things for our entire family.  Learning to manage the limitations and side affects, in order to keep this chronic health issues in check, has been challenging to say the least.  But doing them s a family and having their support has made the process so much easier.

Each day I wake up, I never know whether it will be a decent day or one of pure immobilization.  Food and cooking has always been my stress reliever and having to relearn certain functions in the kitchen took some inspired creativity and many of the best ideas actually came from my kids.

I have had total faith in the direction and content of Simply Ardynn and the corresponding upcoming products barring the same name,  Yet, I know that things change in our lives that are beyond our control and I want to share my journey as I adapt my cooking to meet the health standards set my my team of doctors and a nutritionist.  I will also focus on the lifestyle changes and adaptions our family is and will be going through in the coming months.

Don’t worry, the exquisite recipes that you have come to love and enjoy will still be the core focus here at Simply Ardynn, but in order to add some balance we will adding Simply Healthy recipes and lifestyle articles on a regular basis for those that deal with serious health issues, yet want to experience the same satisfaction of those deep country, Americana and Southern dishes that form the backbone of Simply Ardynn.

So, I apologize for the delay in new articles and recipes and appreciate the understanding of each and every reader and follower.  Thank You!

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