Celebratory Menus

This life we live is so very extraordinary. That not a moment should pass with out us putting in that little bit extra. Because, the memories we create, and share while living it, are what makes the day to day so worth while. By celebrating the major achievements in our lives and our shared history, we take those ordinarily, extraordinary times and we create experiences that form the foundation of a life well spent.

In our Celebratory Menus section of Simply Ardynn, we strive to make your life a little easier by giving you and your family a well, thought out menu for every occasion. Let’s be real, every minute you save on the planning is another minute you can spend relaxing and enjoying life.

In the coming weeks, you will see the below list of Event and Holiday Menus become highlighted and linked to the complete section of recipes, eBook Links etc., for that specific occasion. We hope that you enjoy these collections of updated, classic recipes and many new recipes that have been carefully prepared to give you a memorable food experience.

Celebratory Menus

  • New Years’s Day Brunch Menu
  • Valentine’s Day Breakfast In Bed Menu
  • St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Menu
  • Easter Dinner Menu
  • Cinco De Mayo Celebration Menu
  • Mother’s Day Brunch Menu
  • Memorial Day Picnic Menu
  • Father’s Day Menu
  • Fourth of July Explosive Cookout Menu
  • Labor Day Picnic Menu
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Menu
  • Christmas Eve Dinner Menu
  • Boxing Day Breakfast (Christmas Morning) Menu
  • Harvest Festival Dinner Menu
  • Tailgate Party Menu
  • Sunday Dinner Menu
  • Anniversary Dinner Menu
  • Kid’s Birthday Party Menu
  • Teen Birthday Extravaganza Menu
  • Adult Birthday Bash Menu
  • Baby Shower Luncheon Menu
  • Engagement Party Menu
  • Graduation Blowout Menu

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