Ardynn Publishing Set To Launch New PodCast That Aligns With Simply Ardynn

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


For Immediate Release, Metro Orlando

Michael Harris-Arzon ”The Simplistic Professional” is an Urban Chef, Author, publisher, CEO, online personality, branding expert, speaker, father, husband.   Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing started 10 years ago as a Real Estate Branding and Marketing consultancy that grew to become the 3rd most influential media firm in the industry. In 2018 Michael Harris-Arzon Was Named Top 20 Online Branding Expert In The United States By The Wall Street Journal And The New York Times. 

This year we are transitioning to a full publishing house with original products, International Food and Lifestyle Magazine that is available in 300 languages, called Simply Ardynn “Exquisitely Rustic, Interactive Food Experiences For Professional’s.” We also have 27 mini ebooks set to launch via Apple and Amazon by January 1st 2019 and our core cookbook Simply Ardynn launching same time. December 4th, our daily Simplistic Professional PodCast goes live and the first 250 subscribers will get a FREE LIFETIME SUBSCRIPTION so sign up here!  Spring 2019 our subscription services go live where you get original content, added Recipes, weekly live video conference, Event Planning services, access to our streaming YouTube Food and Lifestyle and Entertainment Channel called House of Ardynn that works in a duel capacity with our Online Department Store that launches Spring 2019.

Check us out and the first 2,500 subscribers get lifetime subscription to paid services for free! Sign up at TODAY before we turn to a paid subscription January 1, 2019.


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