10 Inspirational Looks For Your Home As You Entertain This Holiday Season

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


There is something to be said for the effect that the holidays tend to have on each of us.  For the little ones, it’s the anticipation of making cookies for Santa and what he may leave them under the tree.  While, for us ol’ foggies, it’s the memories that get invoked each time we hear a certain Christmas song on the radio, smell a certain scent or see that first snow flake.

Memories of the past and those yet created make all the work worth while.  Christmas has always been a huge event in our family.  It starts right after Halloween and ends a few days into the New Year, on Three Kings Day.  While, we have our family traditions, each year is special in that Danny and I tend to change things up with having a specific theme.  It may be an all white Christmas tree or us going high tech with flowing images from years gone by on multiple TV’s and monitors.  What ever the case, we attempt to create inspirational moments and vignettes.

Inspiration comes in many forms and from the most unlikely of sources.  This year, we searched high and low online.  While others, may be roaming their neighborhood to see what theirs friends and neighbors have cooked up.

I thought I would share with you all, some of the images I came across this year as we prepared for another holiday season.  You may love the entire scene or see a single object that inspires.

Great Cristmas market "Villaggio di Babbo Natale" in the garden

ginger cookies

Young woman waiting in vintage restaurant

Buyers in Great Cristmas market "Villaggio di Babbo Natale" in t

Great Cristmas market "Villaggio di Babbo Natale" in the garden


Christmas background

Table with dishes 2447.

Mulled wine in the old pot

English Christmas table with crackers

No matter how elaborate or how simple it may be, your holiday decor should reflect you and your family.  Help us inspire others, by showing images of your home and entertaining efforts on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #SimplyChristmas.


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