“The Art and History of Coffee”

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Ardynn Publishing and Michael Harris-Arzon are preparing the release of the first, in a series of digital, coffee table eBooks (ironically having a topic of actual coffee) the likes of which have never been seen in the world of casual reading. Going on sale in time for this upcoming holiday season means foodies, chefs and the average professional will have something to share and talk about during the multitude of holiday get togethers that so many of us face each year.

Meant to educate, inspire and prompt the reader to take interest in the set topic…. by being hyper sensitive to the different needs of the various demographic groups. “Why should we target one specific audience as a way to focus the material in a relatable manner? We plan to go back to the old days of publishing…when authors simply told the story that was inside them and showed varying viewpoints along the way. Whether it was in each section, chapter or unit” says Michael Harris-Arzon, Publisher and Author of Simply Ardynn and The Simplistic Professional.

The series is to be entitled “Simply Ardynn’s, The Art and History of Food.” Which is essentially, the sexiest, trendsetting encyclopedia of foods that the Food and Lifestyle segment of publishing as ever produced. Some of the scheduled topics include:

  • Art and History of Coffee
  • Art and History of Pasta
  • Art and History of Cheese
  • Art and History of Bread
  • Art and History of Biscuits and Cookies
  • Art and History of Chocolate
  • and the list goes on and on.

This latest announcement of published works, scheduled to start rolling out November 15th of this year, shows the seriousness and ambition that the Ardynn Media Group and Ardynn Publishing is putting behind their newest brand. The series, preempts the launch of their initial Celebratory Menus mini ebooks coming December 1st, 2018 and helps foodies across the globe learn how ancient civilizations discovered and used coffee, while seeing the transition to the modern world happen before their very eyes. See how it’s uses vary around the world and gain access to 25 World Class Recipes that have been kept within families for generations and just now are being shared with you.

Impress your friends, family and peers with your knowledge of All Things Coffee that goes well beyond the traditional thoughts on the subject. And every few moths, visit us here at SimplyArdynn.com, Amazon or iTunes to start / add to your Art and History of Food Collection by purchasing the next installment of this sexy, yet educational Coffee Table Series.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Simplistic Professional and commented:

    Ardynn Media Group is proud to reveal another revenue stream tied to their Simply Ardynn Brand. After a decade of providing high-end consultancy work, to have actually products coming to market is quite a triumph. As many professionals can attest to, it takes time for a company and brand to reveal itself. I say this because, we may choose a specific target audience to attempt to connect with, if they don’t connect back at a certain level’ then changes must be made.

    Letting your brand dictate how and when you will be a true success is smart money. As many of you know, I love to write and was surprised to see that my deepest following came from my own demographics group. It makes things so much easier since I can talk honestly and don’t have to worry whether my message is on target or not. I worry, don’t get me wrong, but we instinctively know how to talk to our own generation. Not one that is multiple generations behind ours, like Millenials.

    Initially I chose Millenials because of their lifestyle choices and how they spend money compared to older generations. Now, I write for Gen X. And talk straight to those that have chosen to follow me, not the other way around. So these new products should be right on target.


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