Simply Entertaining and Interior Design Ideas Suitable for Any Party or Event

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Served fashion green table with glases and plates

When planning any event or party, one should always have a theme in mind.  Whether it is simple and is made up of base colors and food types or it may be more extravagant and have a multitude of props and decorations.

Which ever direction you choose to go, you need a source of inspiration.

Here are a number of interior images that showcase furniture, place settings, table scapes and full room designs.  All it takes is one piece to inspire a concept for your next party or event.  It may be the vintage bottle or the stainless steel lantern.  Notice the vine coming out of the vintage medicine bottle.  Great theme base for say, a doctor or medical student  hosting a dinner party at his home.

Table Set For Outdoor Meal On Wooden Table In Garden

Notice the table hanging from the ceiling by ropes.  The wooden bowls and rustic benches offer a great atmosphere of a country home.

Set the table with utensils, plates and cups

When hosting a simple dinner party, the china you choose to use can also be the main source of decoration.  When they stand out as much as these, you don’t need much more.  Actually, much else would take away from the over all look provided by the china.

Table appointments on red tablecloth.

These glasses and candles can easily be replicated.  Buy cheap champaign flutes and pillar candles at the dollar store.  Then, check out the stencils at Walmart (in the craft area where they have the items for homemade candy and cake design elements) or your local craft store, like Hobby Lobby.  Once you find a nice, formal design that you like, you can use Navy spray paint to create this custom look.  Then wrap with simple Navy ribbon and glue a fancy button to the center, that you have spray painted gold.

Beautiful festive set

This shows how simple can be a theme in itself.

Served room

Rustic, exposed brick sets the tone for a serve yourself, dinner party.  The first to grab a chair lucks out.

Stylish Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen And Dining Area

Large, open spaces are perfect for networking events.  They allow guests to move freely and interact with each other.

Couple watching TV at home

Again, the living area, dining and kitchen are basically all one space.  While you are working in the kitchen to prepare the nights food and drink, you can engage your guests with out stopping what you are doing.  It also suggests that basic tableware, serving dishes and even the food layout need not be anything fancy.

Home Interior With Open Plan Kitchen, Lounge And Dining Area


Serving table in the kitchen dining room of a loft apartment

How rustic can you get when you walk into this reclaimed barn.

Dining room of a log cabin

If modern is your thing, then this retro kitchen has loads of inspiration built right into the walls.

The kitchen

Maybe, a simple family affair is what you have planned.  Don’t go out of your way to do anything more than clean up and cook some amazing food.

Family saying grace before dinner

This formal table setting is ideal for a wedding, engagement or baby shower.  Simple white dishes and clear, glass stemware let’s the food and linens shine.

Wedding table




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