Simple Dining Room and Entertainment Area Design Ideas That Anyone Can Take Away From

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

in today’s uber competitive work place, professionals are expected to network more than ever before. Whether it’s promoting company core values via social media or face to face interactions, professionals are constantly looking for new ways and places to wine and dine.

Updating your dining and entertaining spaces at home are a great way to impress peers and potential clients alike. No matter what your personal style is, no matter what your budget is, there are a million ways to spruce up your personal space.

The best place to start is to get online and surf the internet. Online stores like Wayfair are ideal. They not only have a tremendous amount of inventory in every style imaginable, they are extremely cost effective. Another great resource is Pinterest for ideas. There are literally tens of thousands of boards dedicated to home interiors and exteriors.

If you are a little more old school and like the relaxing aspect of window shopping, then head to your local mall and check out Kirkland’s. There are also places like Marshall’s and T J Max that dedicate the entire back half of their stores to home goods. There, you can easily save up 75% off traditional retail prices simply because it is from last season.

The key to designing a great entertainment space is that is functional yet comfortable.

You also don’t have to redo the entire space or spend a fortune. Change or add one or two items at a time. Things like live plants and pillows make spaces feel inviting. Just be careful when choosing fabric patterns as anything too busy is distracting to the eye and you want guests’ focus to be on you. Remember, they are there for professional reasons and you want to be heard when you speak.

Just have fun and don’t forget that you have to live in the space daily so it must reflect your tastes and meet your daily living needs as well.


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  1. Reblogged this on The Simplistic Professional and commented:

    When entertaining clients, potential clients or peers it’s always best if you have a spaced that is totally you and yet say you have taste and are worth knowing. I always made sure to point out the Monet painting hanging in the hall way to visitors. Not a prominent spot, yet very important and it showed that old money was at work. When in reality we would be considered new m9ney if such things were discussed.


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