Morning Mimosa’s Are Just The ticket To Get The Weekend Going

By Michel Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional

Mimosa cocktail with strawberry

For years I was an investment consultant and I tended to do a lot of my business meetings over meals.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.  During these meetings, no matter the time of day and for whatever reason, it was expected thatalcohol be present.  For me, I don’t like to drink too early in the day.  So I would choose drinks that I could get virgin versions of or things like watered down soda ( to mimic Rum and Coke).

Granted, I understood why it was acceptable from the companies point of view and even allowed on my expense reports.  If a client or potential client has had a couple of drinks before business talk starts, they are more likely to say yes.  And when you are talking Multi-Million Dollar Deals, every yes is a major achievement.

Some mornings though, I needed a drink to get me going and keep me on the same page as whomever I was meeting with.  Thus, Mimosa’s became my drink of choice, primarily for the vitamin boost from the orange juice.


  • 1/2 Half Glass Champaign
  • 1/2 Glass Orange Juice


  1. Simply fill your glass half way with Champaign.  The add your orange juice.  By adding the heavier liquid let, it acts as a mixer and mixes your drink for you.
  2. Serve and enjoy this great start to your weekend!



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