Sunday Dinner With The Kids Is A Weekly Event, Will You Join Us?

By Michael Harris-Arzon, The Simplistic Professional


In today’s hectic life, it can be a challenge to find enough quality time to sit down as a family.  So, no matter what is going on, I make sure that we have a formal, sit down dinner Every Sunday.  Yes, I said formal and by that I mean, I have the kids help set the table and decide the over all look according to season.

We turn it into a family affair.  I think more family’s should try for the traditional Sunday Dinner.  It’s actually an experience I always wished I had experienced when I was a kid and when I had a family of my own it became a critical part of my plan to ensure the kids had as many memories with the family as possible.  No before anyone says anything, I had two loving parents that had to work full time and varying shifts as I grew up.  When they were both home at the same time we had family moments.  Just that, schedules didn’t mesh most of the time.

Simply Ardynn wants to help you start new traditions in your family.  So starting this Friday, you will see a suite of recipes (no pictures) dedicated to ‘Sunday Dinner with the Arzon Family’.  Each week will feature a different menu that can be prepared in about an Hour and a Half, this will also include table scape ideas from our Entertaining and Simply Kids sections and my own three wonderful children and their friends.  A side note, they have started telling their friends about this project of ours and now we are getting requests to either be in a cooking spot or a photo shoot, which I think is great.  Our family, like most others goes well beyond our front door.

The following Monday, you will see a feature post about how dinner went and what we talked about as a family.  I will show pictures then of the completed dish and hope that you will share your images with us of how your Family Dinner turned out on Instagram with the hashtag #SimplyArdynnFamilyDinners.  If you have been wanting to prepare a certain dish or meal, feel free to send me a message via our contact form and I will see about including it in one of our menu lineups. 

I also encourage you to share your photos with us on Twitter via @SimplisticPro, but really just enjoy your family experiences and moments every chance you get.


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